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Propose (and vote for) an Innovation Session for the Greenovate Boston Community Summit
Propose (and vote for) an Innovation Session for the Greenovate Boston Community Summit
What Innovation Session would you like to host at the Summit? Include title, description, key questions, and speaker.
Propose (and vote for) an Innovation Session for the Greenovate Boston Community Summit

Help shape the Summit agenda by proposing an Innovation Session and/or voting for Innovation Sessions! Innovation Sessions are highly interactive, 45-minute workshops developed and hosted by community members that are looking for help with solving a climate or sustainability challenge. In order to be selected to present, you must first propose a session here. Sessions should engage participants with interesting questions and encourage collaboration to address a specific climate challenge.

To vote for an Innovation Session, "like" the sessions that you think are most important, would be the most engaging, and will lead to action as part of Boston's Climate Action Plan Update.

So get started! Let’s work toward solutions that make Boston’s neighborhoods more resilient, energy efficient, and sustainable! More Details »

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Thanks all for your ideas and proposals! If you are posting in this topic, you are entering yourself to host, run and organize a session at the Summit. Once you post, make sure you share your proposal and encourage folks to vote for you!
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Please read all proposals before you vote. Click load more at the bottom of the page to see the rest of the proposals!

About The Challenge

Propose (and vote for) an Innovation Session for the Greenovate Boston Community Summit Image
Tips for Successful Innovation Sessions

Innovation Sessions enable attendees to shape the agenda and discuss topics that are of interest to the broader community. They are highly interactive workshops developed and selected by the conference participants themselves in advance of the Community Summit.

Successful Innovation Sessions can take a variety of forms and cover a wide range of topics. However, the best sessions usually take into account the following “Do’s and Don’ts.”

Do Make Your Session Interactive. You will have 45 minutes to run your session. A successful Innovation Session is one that engages Summit participants and encourages local action to address climate change in Boston. Past experience suggests that the most successful sessions are ones that help participants think through how to do something in their community, or how to get others on-board. For example, sessions could include topics such as:

  • how to respond to climate skepticism,

  • preparing your home for likely climate impacts,

  • a crash course on home insulation and heating systems, or

  • how to pitch small businesses on energy efficiency.

Pick participants’ brains for ideas and insights, and take advantage of their interest in your topic by getting them engaged!

Do Be Flexible. Participation is essential for any great Innovation Session, though audience size can vary significantly. People vote with their feet…so it’s not unusual for audience sizes to range from five people to 100, and for there to be some fluctuation during the session. So make sure your session is flexible enough to accommodate different group sizes, and to adapt during the 45 minutes. It’s best to have a plan of how you want to use the available time and what you want participants to do in that time – and to be able to throw that plan overboard too!

Don’t Just Self-Promote. You’re awesome, we get it…otherwise you wouldn’t even be proposing an Innovation Session. But keep in mind that the Summit is focused on finding ways to engage and collaborate with others. So while companies and nonprofits should definitely host sessions, please (pretty please) remember this is NOT the time for another tired sales pitch with PowerPoint (in fact, we think the best sessions often don’t even use PowerPoint). Remember, the sessions are there for the hosts to also draw on the expertise and experience of the participants – or to teach participants something new that they can do in their own community. So if you want to talk about your product or service, think about what feedback would be helpful from the community and ask them about it!

Do Market Your Session. You should DEFINITELY market your session proposal with friends, colleagues, and family. The rankings on http://Engage.GreenovateBoston.org will help determine which sessions get selected for the Summit. So start tweeting it, posting it to Facebook, and emailing your friends to get them to vote! (and don’t forget to include the Summit hashtag: #EngageBos) You can also start blogging about your topic and then let people know what to expect. The City of Boston staff will do its best to get people to attend the event, but it’s your responsibility to get people to vote for and attend your session!

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