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Preparedness Strategy Committee
Preparedness Strategy Committee
Boston's Climate Action Plan is being updated this year to address preparedness: What strategies need to be included?

The Preparedness Strategy Committee-- made up of community, non profit, private, academic and city representatives-- is currently discussing how we must prepare our neighborhoods, infrastructure, and buildings for expected climate change impacts. These impacts include sea level rise, flooding, extreme weather events, and heat. The Strategy Committee's recommendations will inform the city's 2014 Climate Action Plan update, where preparedness strategies are being expanded for the first time.

Below are some key ideas that came out of the first Strategy Committee meeting. Help us to expand these concepts and define what they must mean on the ground. Add new ideas and show us your priorities by voting!

Nyadenya I
Pay Artists and Students to create Recycled Sculptures and Functional Sculptures. For example, buying a bench made out of recyclables and found materials could be a great way to promote recycling and a great way to help the Massachusetts Economy.

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