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Neighborhood Strategy Committee
Neighborhood Strategy Committee
How can we increase participation in climate action and sustainability activities throughout Boston's neighborhoods?

The 2011 Climate Action Plan identified the need to develop a strategy for engaging the community in the climate action plan and getting their input and buyin to implement the plan. If we are going to reach our carbon reduction goals, we need to encourage more and more Bostonians to take climate action at home and at work. Greenovate Boston, which is entering its second year, is seeking to do just this. However, we need your input. How can we get more Bostonians participating in sustainability activities and programs, whether they are hosted by the City (i.e. Renew Boston, Boston Bikes, etc.), community organizations, or private businesses?

How can we, as a community, reach a broader audience and make sustainability relevant to more and more people?

This was the premise for the discussion at the Neighborhoods Strategy Committee meeting. The ideas below are the results from that discussion. Help us refine these ideas and identify which ones we should focus on by voting for your favorites.

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