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Lowering Utility Bills and Energy Costs for Boston Residents
Lowering Utility Bills and Energy Costs for Boston Residents
How can we better help Boston residents save money and energy on utility bills?

Currently, there are generous rebates and incentives for energy efficiency, such as a free walk-through energy assessment through renewboston.org. Not only is this the first step to getting discounts on better home insulation, but you'll also get free energy efficient lightbulbs, a programmable thermostat, energy-saving power strips, and more! You can also get 70% off the cost of home insulation and weatherization; if you do a whole home (e.g. a triple-decker), you can get up to 90% of the cost!

Through Mass Saves, you can also get rebates on energy efficient fridges and AC, or 0% interest loans on heating system replacements.

We want your feedback on these program! How we can better get out the word about these great residential programs? And, what are ways we can expand our programs?

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Tiana A1
Thank you to many of the attendees at the Green Justice Coalition's Energy Efficiency Summit for submitting ideas! I have added them to the list!

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