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Item-sharing and reuse - a sharing library for neighborhoods
Item-sharing and reuse - a sharing library for neighborhoods
How can a neighborhood "item borrowing center" be staffed? Where should it be located? How is it implemented?
Item-sharing and reuse - a sharing library for neighborhoods

Did you know? The average power drill is used for fifteen minutes over the span of its entire useful life.

We put out a simple survey that asks people what items they would be likely to borrow in their neighborhoods. People came back with ideas on everything from folding chairs and cooking equipment to outdoor equipment and tools (our favorite idea was a cardboard cutout of the Mayor).

You can view the results of the survey here: https://docs.google.com/a/boston.gov/forms/d/1ykOsiEUVQ2WExvoNAPIqMelZ7EzXyqpVM0OYqpGgCKk/viewanalytics

You can also take the survey still here:

Now we need your help in thinking deeper about local community assets to help Boston implement such a program. In this discussion, the City of Boston would like to know:

Do you think Boston would benefit from having an item-share is a program, where people could borrow items additional to books, movies, and other media?

If this program was in place, what would it look like? What organizations and neighborhoods are already item-sharing? Which organizations can the City partner with?

How might liability be handled? Should the program be open to everyone - or just non-profits? How can we ensure that items are taken care of properly? What types of items would be best? What locations would be convenient for renting items? Who should be responsible for overseeing the program?

Join the discussion!

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