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Boston's vulnerabilities to climate change
Boston's vulnerabilities to climate change
What do you think are Boston’s greatest vulnerabilities to the impacts of climate change?
Boston's vulnerabilities to climate change

The effects of climate change--sea-level rise, extreme heat, and more intense storms--will impact Boston's residents, businesses, infrastructure and natural environment.

Sea-level Rise and Coastal Storms

The map here shows the average of the highest daily high tides – that is, the highest of the high tides or “mean high high water” (MHHW) with an additional 5 feet and 7.5 feet.

Had Hurricane Sandy struck at high tide, we would have experienced flooding similar to the MHHW plus 5 feet scenario – that means the areas in dark blue may have been underwater. The MHHW plus 7.5 is Sandy at high tide plus 2.5 feet of sea-level rise, which is projected to occur by mid-century – that means all the light blue areas may be underwater.

Extreme Heat

Heat waves don’t just mean that it’s hot outside – it also exacerbates public health and increases the likelihood of asthma attacks and heart attacks. In fact, heat waves are responsible for more deaths per year in the U.S. than floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes combined. Heat waves also cause electricity blackouts and make it more difficult for trees and our natural ecosystem to survive.

Some people, places or infrastructure may be at greater risk to these impacts. Describe what your greatest concerns are for Boston with regards to the impacts of climate change. Use the map and submit photos if it helps communicate your submission.

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Leah B8
We are seeing some great ideas for making Boston more prepared for the impacts of climate change! But what communities, infrastructure or other neighborhood assets are you most concern about climate change impacting?

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